2 Easy Ways to Support Small Businesses

This year has been challenging for everyone, and small business owners need your support more than ever. With October being Small Business Month, we thought we'd share two easy ways that you can support small businesses.

1. Shop small

It's really that simple. You can support small businesses by buying their products. Next time you're thinking of shopping for an item, take an extra minute to think about a small business that sells it. Head to a local shop or buy on their website. Every dollar counts for a small business and each customer purchase makes a big difference. 

2. Show some (social media) love 

Social media love is free! So share it! Like, comment and share content from small businesses. It helps there social media pages get seen by more people.

While you scroll Facebook or Instagram, if you see a post from a small business double tap that photo, and engage with their social media content. Tell a friend (or 2) by sharing their posts. This helps to get the word out and gets more people to like and follow and the wonderful cycle of social media sharing continues. 

So, what's in it for you? That feel good feeling that you've helped. And in fact, you have. Small business owners appreciate every bit of love.

Running a small business isn't easy. There is a person on the other end of that website and social media page. A person who wears many hats, from developing products, to accounting, to packaging and shipping, and everything in between. That person does a happy dance every time you like a post, or make a purchase. We know that for a fact, because that is us, and like many others, we put our heart into everything we do. Every product at Honey and Lime Candle Co. is handcrafted with you, our customer, in mind. 

When you support small businesses you get unique products, often handmade, great (personalized) service and a chance to build the community by supporting local.

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