Welcome to Honey and Lime Candle Co.

It's official! We are live!

We took our time to research, develop and tweak our products. At Honey and Lime Candle Co. we want to create lifestyle products that make self care effortless.

We are excited to share with you our beautifully scented candles, foaming sugar scrubs, whipped body butters and aromatic bath soaking salts.

Each product is made with you, our customers, in mind. 

Our scented candles

Effortlessly scent your home with candle fragrance. Our candles are infused with subtle, sophisticated fragrances that will fill your room with beautiful aromas.

Whipped body butters

Soft moisturized skin is the goal. With our whipped body butters a little goes a long way. A small amount of our body butter will leave you feeling silky smooth.

Foaming sugar scrubs

Exfoliation at its best! Our foaming sugar scrubs provide gentle exfoliation to reveal smoother skin. Did we mention it foams? You'll enjoy the yummy scents and foamy sugary goodness!

Aromatic bath soaking salts

Made from Himalayan pink and dead sea salts, our aromatic bath soaking salts are just the thing you need to relax in the tub. You are just a sprinkle away from your own oasis.

Scent free

Love the soft glow of candle light or enjoy luxurious body products but have scent sensitivity? We created a scent free collection just for you. 

We hope you truly enjoy using our products, we enjoy making them specially for you.